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from behind later today in the national league series. cardinals lead the series 2-1 after that homer and win yesterday. lincecum getting his first post-season start so a lot of people excited about that. feeling good at 6:00, thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. tim is a stopper let's hope he does that again today. last night the rain was a stopper. more of that today? yeah, looks like the best threat of the rain was yesterday should taper today. let's look at live doppler, good morning 6:00, free of radar returns tracking clear air this morning also breezy dry air especially in our higher elevations highlighted in red that's where we still have highest fire danger until 8:00. we went to bed with fire danger, waking up with fire danger, two hours it is going to be over. we in the 50s mainly at 7:00,
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in the mid to upper 70s lunchtime, low to mid 80s through 4:00 in the low to mid 70s comfortable evening even though still warm. inland valleys, 40s and 50s around 80 at lunch, mid to upper 80s going to be very warm at 4:00. still mild mid to upper 70s through 7:00, clear skies at the coast today sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. two separate "sig alert"s now. first san mateo bridge after the scene of the accident. overturn at the toll, three right lanes blocked crews on the scene. once you get past that the bridge is looking good towards foster city. second "sig alert" on the peninsula north 101 willow menlo park four cars involved two right lanes blocked crews on scene you can see from our abc7 waze app traffic bumper-to-bumper from before
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university. if you would like to get around this 280 is the best way using this free appf0[ [ download it since today is 49er game day you can use it for this afternoon as well. more about the game in a little while. right now breaking news one person died early this morning after a fire broke out inside a home castro valley. the fire broke out 12:15 a.m. inside a house on san carlos avenue it took a half hour to put the fire out they discovered a body in the home. detectives have joined the probe after it appeared to have been suspicious. they are considering this a homicide investigation. the coroner will determine if the victim died because of the fire or due to some other cause. later this morning attorneys will present closing arguments in the case of an east bay woman accused of murdering a nursing student. prosecutors say giselle
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esteban killed michelle le last may. a computer expert with the fbi testified when she examined esteban's computer she found hundreds of searches for michelle le's name. esteban's attorney says her client snapped and did not plan to kill le. hear the big boom that has everyone talking meteor shot across the sky over northern california astronomers tell us we may be in for more there were many last night. we could see more sights like these the next few nights. you may have heard that big boom around 7:30 p.m.. with clear skies and warm temperatures, these natural light shows will be morris is ability in the days ahead. meteors are churns of metal and rock that break off from asteroids. this evening giants will be trying to shake things up
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even up the series. lincecum will start for the first time in the playoffs. yesterday cain pitched a good game but gave up a two run homer to carpenter in the third which put cardinal as head 2-1. we left 11 stranded on base, st. louis added another run in the 7th, 3 1/2 hour rain delay when we came back, cardinals won 3-1. game four is today. tomorrow zito will start. 5:07 first pitch. later this morning, san francisco mayor lee will officially launch public campaign to bring the super bowl to the bay area. the city on the short list to host either the 2016 or 2017 super bowl played at the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. mayor lee will introduce member of the bid committee during a celebration this morning. members of that committee include former mayor willie
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brown, 49ers president and former san francisco giants president. tonight 49ers take on seahawks hopefully the 9ers will come out winners, maybe so will you. tonight after the game one person will be $49,000 richer. katie marzullo is live in san francisco to tell you how. >> reporter: it is just like that it is just that easy. i just talked to a nice man on a bike said he moved here two months ago as soon as he gets home he will like abc7. when you go to you see this, make sure you like us, click on this green button that says win $49,000. it will take you to a form, fill that out and you are entered to win. you have to be a resident of the bay area and at least 18
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years old. that is it. you have until 7:30 tonight. the winner is going to be announced after the game i-hop to it, you can do it on your computer, ipad, iphone, droid, you could win $49,000 tonight. katie marzullo, abc7 news. remind per about the schedule you can watch the 49ers host the seahawks here on abc 7 starts with 4:00 pregame show featuring jerry rice and brent jones. then we will learn who is our lucky winner of our $49,000 sweepstakes. traffic and weather together, next. here's a live look outside, you recognize candlestick park from the air, where that match-up we've been telling you about will happen. mike will have the full forecast, sue will cover the
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traffic. also, new controversial proposal to stem violence. why one lawmaker is taking aim at pocketbooks to
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good morning. back to the san mateo bridge "sig alert" before the toll overturn three right lanes blocked. traffic backed well past towards highway 880 take the dumbarton bridge when you get to the other side of the dumbarton you have this second "sig alert" waiting for you on 101 north after willow this involved four cars in the left lanes. traffic jammed there, 280 best alternate here. here's the waze app at 92, very, very slow. here's mike with your forecast. thank you. good morning. coming up on 6:10. limited visibility outside. good news there, no --
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unlimited visibility outside, good news there. we'll talk about what is going on as far as satellite and radar, storm track well north because of that we are going to be hotter than average once again with 70s at the coast most of us in the 80s. next three days changes on the way temperatures drop nearly 15 to 20° sunday, increasing clouds each day past sunday definitely rain in the forecast. 6:10. the city of chicago trying to curb its rising homicide rate by hopefully, pinching people's pocketbooks when it comes to buying guns and bullets. board of supervisors president wants a five cent factor every bullet sold in cook county everyone who wants to buy a gun will be charged extra $25
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county says the taxes would raise extra one million dollars every year. gun rights advocates say the taxes won't do anything to reduce crime. . different number to dial, new area code change in the bay area. private shuttle buses could be on the path for stricter rules. what a supervisor is proposing to regulate growing popularity. yelp takes on fraudulent reviews. what it will do beginning today to business that are paying to get glowin
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welcome back. activity going on at the stick in preparation for tonight's big game. forecast coming up. watch right here on abc7 at 5 we'll tell you more in a few minutes. san francisco civic center plaza going to the extreme today not everyone in the city government is excited.
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the extreme sports tour toyota city championships flies through downtown today through sunday that doesn't sit well with city supervisor he criticized the recreation and park department for using the plaza too long and allowing a soft drink company as a headline sponsor. retail revival with the second target store. san francisco's first target store opened downtown last week and has been doing excellent business. the new store will be called west city target and will anchor the neglected shopping center. the new target is scheduled to open next october. thousands rely on them, now one san francisco politician wants the regulate private employee shuttle buses. many employers, including silicon valley tech firms hire the buss to -- the buses for workers.
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-- [ unintelligible ] later this morning, jewelry thefts targeting older asians will be the topic when police and supervisor hold a meeting. residents and business owners will discuss the issue with police and public safety official as police say criminals prey on superstitions and convince victims to hand over valuables to be pour find. those items swapped out and another bag full of junk returned. this morning yelp is fighting back businesses paying to look good. potential customers will see incriminating e-mails. yelp is trying to clamp down right now one out of every five reviews is considered
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dubious. bay area gets new area code saturday. the number is 669, right there, it joins 408 the existing area code in the south bay. officials say it is needed to meet increasing consumer demand. the 669 overlay won't change the existing numbers. starting saturday people living inside 408 area code must dial 1, plus the area code and telephone number to complete all of their calls. interior department designated five new historic landmarks in california, two are in the bay area. one is drakes bay marin county where sir francis drake landed more than 400 years ago. helped solidify england as global power. the other is the old san francisco post office and courthouse now the james browning court of appeals
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building. made at the turn of the 20th century. interior department says it is difficult to overstate its architect turpl significance. this morning millions of californians in the bay area are about to drop, cover and hold on the great california shakeout preparedness exercise 10:18 this morning schools, businesses and government offices go through the dill as though the big one has hit. mayor lee will take part while on a field nerd graders. is entering a new -- the magazine news week is entering a new era all digital publication by next year. >> last print edition will be available december 31st. ""newsweek"" joinser magazines, it is not worth it any more to
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put it on paper. >> it has gotten thinner over the years. >> let's turnover to mike, kind of sad. >> s did, dentists office, mainly cave room areas where would you like to take a magazine to read. [ laughing ] >> let's talk about what is going on southside. >> no you didn't! >> what? >> i'm loving this picture. >> beautiful picture isn't it? >> clear, looks like tonight won't be foggy. >> not at all gorgeous time for a football game if you can't make it, guess where you can watch? >> abc7? >> thank you very much. >> we are giving away that $49,000 after the game. let's talk about live doppler 7 hd lack of clouds tracking dry air, almost too dry red flag warning in our hills
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until 8:00, still a high fire danger. 46 santa rosa cool spot, warm spot fremont now 66 half moon bay finally out of 70s out of the 60s now down to 59. mainly 50s monterey bay 48 gilroy, 65 salinas. today is our last hot afternoon cooling trend starts tomorrow. tuesday best chance of rain. today fremont, san jose, concord all warmer, san francisco and oakland, santa rosa a few degrees cooler oakland with concord has the best chance of seeing record high temperature today. mid to upper 80s south bay, 90s los gatos. san jose 90 eight. peninsula, low to -- low to mid 80s for you, mid 70s coast to near 80 downtown south san francisco and sausalito. low to mid 70s with sunshine
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at beaches low to mid 80s east bay shore 86 fremont and castro valley upper 80s to near 90 east bay valleys. sunshine and upper 70s to low 80s around the monterey bay. game time forecast, tailgating up to the 5:20 kickoff, temperatures upper 70s dropping to 75 by 5:20 dropping to 66 by 8:20 very mild night, may not need anything more than a long sleeve shirt at the game nearly 16 to 18° cooler by sunday, cooler yet unsettled weather monday through wednesday best chance of rain tuesday two "sig alert"s san mateo bridge live traffic picking up. before in live shot at the toll overturned vehicle three right lanes chp saying another 10 minutes until they get that
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cleared they may be well on their way now. second "sig alert" peninsula north 101 after willow cars still in lanes, four cars three left lanes chp saying another 30 minutes until they get that clear. dumbarton would normally be good alternate for the san mateo bridge problem once you get over the peninsula, so on 101 perhaps 237 might be a better alternate, 101, 280 would be a good alternate. free app it is free. 6:21. good news for a group of lifeguards who found themselves in hot water because of a viral music video. new develops for an injured sea lion. where blonde bomber is headed this morning.
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welcome back. 49ers day on abc7 news beautiful picture of candlestick park as quiet as it is going to get for the rest of today that forecast coming up. about to get noisey. rescued sea lion will return to the wild today a little more than a week after getting tangled in a plastic strap nicknamed blonde bomber. they think he had the strap around its neck at least four months perhaps as long as a
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year a week ago is when they discovered it veterinarians removed the strap. they say blonde bomber is eating well. no signs of infection. north dakota man $10,000 richer this morning thanks to a 20-year-old jug of barbecue sauce. he used to own mcdonald's franchise he kept the jug part of a 1992 promotion he put it up forbid on ebay where the win up for bid on ebay. the sauce has an expiration date of december 1992. he thinks it is the last bottle of sauce in existence. online edition of gangnam style got them fired now they can go back to their jobs. ♪ ♪ the city council voted to reinstate 14 lifeguards terminated last month after they filmed the parody at the
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pool where they worked. the city took issue with the lifeguards using city property in the film which was posted on to youtube. councilmembers reversed that decision allowing the lifeguards back on-the-job. some say they may not go back because they fear retaliation. they have over two million hits on youtube, good publicity for the pool. the demand one richmond city leader is make of chevron to help the community in the wake of that huge refinery fire. call for help. who oakland police wants to bring in to quell a rising crime rate. battling back from behind giants hope to even it up today after crushing loss to the cardinals last night. this is the bay bridge toll, metering lights on traffic past the overcrosses. san mateo bridge commuters earlier overturn at toll plaza westbound cleared.
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you will find residual delays back to 880. still with a "sig alert" 101 northbound at willow road in menlo park that should be cleared within the next 20 minutes. we'll be back
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good morning. 6:29. today is 49ers day here on abc7. the sky very clear, game time temperatures at 5 couldn't be better when you watch it here on abc7. could we set records? yesterday we got close in many places. >> we'll find out light new from mike nicco. -- we'll find out right
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now from mike nicco. there's about six cities i'm looking at now building the graphic mainly north bay and east bay i'll have that for new a few minutes. this is our last day of near record heat. doppler not showing radar returns now starting tomorrow morning, drizzle possible we even have rain next week threat of fire still out there red flag warning for all the areas you see in red, all higher elevations for another hour and a half. starting off comfortable around the bay, mid to upper 70s noon low to mid 80s 4:00 inland 40s and 50s near 80 by noon in the mid to upper 80s 4:00 total sunshine at the coast today starting in the 50s near 70 by noon everybody is in the 70s at 4:00. it will be clear at 7:00, start cooling a little down into the 60s. first look at your forecast. how about traffic, here's sue.
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good news. both "sig alert"s have been lived. san mateo bridge earlier accident at the toll now cleared out of lanes traffic building up on the span. residual delays back towards -- behind the toll, also on the peninsula, menlo park north 101 that accident cleared just now out of lanes you can see by your waze app the traffic is still slow from about embarcadero road northbound 101 that should be diminishing. you can download this free app on your smartphone it will help you navigate around the 9er game since it is 49er day here. we have developing news out of the north bay. police in petaluma and chp are asking for help in finding a missing 15-year-old girl. advisory has been issued for ruby cruz mendoza last seen shortly after 5 p.m. last night getting into a car with a 29-year-old.
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this was at a park near the girl's home. a witness says the car was difficult haven't by unidentified hispanic male. police suspect she could be involved in some sort of relationship with. breaking news out of the east bay. homicide investigator at the scene of a castro valley home after a fire and discovery of a body inside. amy hollyfield joins us live with more. >> reporter: the lieutenant says the fire does look suspicious to him he says any time someone dies and there's a fire they bring out investigators and look at it. at this point he said he's not going to call this a murder investigation. he says they haven't determined if a crime occurred. they are just bringing out an army of investigators so they can be ahead, just in he says it could have been an accidental fire, they just don't know. here's what they are doing right now. >> certainly we are talking to
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neighbors. talking to residents of the house, other residents of the house and trying to gather any information that we can find regarding what possibly could have happened here. >> reporter: they got call 12:15 this morning there was a fire on san carlos avenue in castro valley. you can barely tell from the outside there was a fire. doesn't look like the fire was major they got it out in half an hour. the fire department isn't even here any more. neighbors in the area tell us this home belongs to a retired san francisco firefighter. investigators have not told us who died in the fire. they did tell us that no one else was home at the time of the fire. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:33. oakland police may be ready to ask the county or state to help patrol city streets major crimes up 20%.
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chief jordan says he would like to temporarily hire officers from other agencies. right now the force is 629 officers, down more than 200 from four years ago. officers are required to work over time to fill staffing levels. big chains in the works for how air quality experts will respond after disasters like the fire at the chevron refinery. thousands complained of feeling sick after fumes spewed from the facility. bay area air quality district board voted yesterday to develop new rule to track pollution from refineries. current guidelines are geared toward measuring pollution over the long term. giants fans hope the team gets back road warrior swagger in st. louis tonight they try to even up the series with lincecum on mound. cain finished the post-season game last night gave up a two-run homer to carpenter in the 3rd that put cardinals up 2-1 cardinals won after 3 1/2
6:35 am
hour rain delay, 3-1. games four and five played tonight and tomorrow in st. louis, first pitch 5:07 p.m. both days. i love my giants the big bay area sports story, 49ers day at abc 7 we'll air tonight's game again the seahawks. kira klapper is in san francisco with news of a local lady who will take center stage before the game. >> reporter: good morning. huge game tonight. big night for fremont native jewels hampton singing the national anthem tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the country singer was cast as a top 10 finalist on nashville star season four hosted bye-bye
6:36 am
know that judd in 2006. she has -- performed or the giants, a's and sharks this is her first time singing for the 9ers. she spoke with abc7 news about how excited and honored she. >> it feels amazing. i love -- i love sports, i love the 9ers and i love to sing it is great way to marry all of those interests into one. >> reporter: she kicks off all the fun at the game tonight. there's a lot of fun to be had before that including right here on abc7 news at 11 a.m. and the rest of the day. safe to say, keep your tv on the channel that it is on now. kira klapper, abc7 news. that's good advice everyday about where to keep your dial. our coverage of the 49ers vs. seahawks begins 4:00 pregame
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show featuring jerry rice and brent jones. the game time is 5:00. stay tuned for a special edition of after the game with larry and mike. >> right after the game abc7 will give away $49,000. you can enter through our facebook page go to then click win $49,000 button it is that easy that would take to you the form where you can enter details after you enter you can take a moment to tell us your plans for all that cash, should you win. elizabeth: she would expand her business. first thing is buy my family a house then donate some to charity. robin: i will pay some bills and take my sons on a nice vacation to europe. they get a's so this would be a special present to them. >> good luck everybody. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside, --
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[ inaudible ] east bay teen takes on the boy scouts and stance on homosexualy. what he w
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welcome back. live picture from candlestick park not a cloud to be found not much activity there will be a flurry of it later today game time forecast 5:20 kick-off, 75° by the time the game ends mid 60s you may need a long sleeve shirt at the most. good news as far as traffic, two earlier
6:41 am
"sig alert"s lifted 101 northbound through menlo park still very, very slow. caltrain would be a great way commuting the peninsula today. no other delays on mass transit. south 280 westboro stall blocking right lane if you are leaving san francisco south 101 at 80 at the split there, that is a stall blocking the right lane. 6:41. east bay teen kicked out of boy scouts for being gay plans to deliver petitions urging local scout leaders to reinstate him. they dismissed him days before he turned 18 after learning he was openly gay. he had just completed his requirements for his award. his mother launch add online petition more than 400,000 people signed that petition. leaders of the council say they will accept the petitions and meet with them. still ahead, candy isn't
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hitting sweet spot this halloween. new details in the plot to blow up federal ver
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welcome back. 70s at the coast 80s bay, 90s inland going to be sunny and warmer than average the entire state is dry live doppler quiet not picking up radar returns. 80s to near 90 central valley, 97 palm springs, scattered showers possible around san diego and 77. tahoe 70 tomorrow, only 55 for a high by sunday.
6:45 am
cool off in yosemite also 82 friday down to 66 sunday. southern california we'll have total sunshine friday in l.a. morning drizzle by the time we get to sunday only 70° >> 6:45. let's check in with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7 a.m.. good morning to you both. we have a lot this morning, including overnight a new sign as if we needed another one of how contentious the race for president has become one of mitt romney's son told radio host from california that watching moments like this a couple nights ago in the debate made him want to judgment up on stage and take a swing at president obama. we are going to look at a race devolving by the day. oregon, a woman vanishing between her home and work.
6:46 am
her car was found miles away with a smashed window she has vanished this morning we hear her husband's plea for her return. also surprising new study that claims perhaps annual physical may not be worth as much as you think. hey not be doing as much as you think when it comes to saving lives. dr. besser breaking it down for us. kristen, i want to apologize for this. public fall caught on tape, prime minister of australia, this might be an excuse to show a bunch of lovely, successful women taking nosedives because of their shoes. kristen you are a braver woman that either myself or eric, it is all next right here. >> i don't know what you are talking about because i'm wearing uggs this morning that would be me. it is 49ersers day here. 9ers taking on seahawks live at 5 p.m. after the game one
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lucky person who likes abc7 news on facebook will be $49,000 richer. katie marzullo is live in san francisco there's still time to get in on the action. >> reporter: there's lots of time, no time to waste you should see faces light up when i tell them how easy it is to win. [ inaudible ] this the screen, like us then click win $49,000 there's a few questions, name, address and that's it you are ed to win. make sure you live in the bay area you have to be at least a teen. you have until 7:30 tonight tone. [ inaudible ] this morning the man arrested on charges on plotting to blow up the federal reserve building in new york city is being held without bail.
6:48 am
21-year-old quazi nafis is being questioned today he tried to detonate a van outside the fed with what he thought were explosives they were fakes sold to him by an uncover agent. investigators he's claimed to have links to al-qaeda. business news, candy makers may not see anything sweet about this halloween. >> jane king at the new york stock exchange with that. explain jane! good morning. really important stuff about candy, that in a second. 16 of the nation's largest financial services firms warning president obama and congress interest rates could spike significantly if they don't come to agreement on tax and spending and void that so-called fiscal cliff with automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. the letter was signed from heads of top banks.
6:49 am
moody's has warned it might downgrade united states debt if an agreement is not reached. we have a slight negative tone on wall street, weekly jobless claims went up more than forecast. a little direction. bloomberg index trading down. halloween sales not looking sweet for candy makers, consumers projected to cutback on amount they spend on treats this year. halloween tops easter, christmas and valentine's day as top holiday for chocolate some pulling back spending. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. 6:49. >> it is 49ers day here we have ordered up warm temperatures hopefully the 9ers will pack heat too. absolutely. temperatures while tailgating up he have says by the time starts mid 70s by the time the
6:50 am
game ends mid 60s under a star filled night let's hope there will be fireworks after we win. let's look what the what is going on with live doppler 7 hd satellite and radar all in one, no radar returns and no clouds, no flight arrival delays into sfo, nothing going on in oakland more san jose all is quiet this will change next week, better chance of rain cooler then right now coolest santa rosa 46, most of us in the 50s and 60s, all over the place 66 fremont, mid to upper 50s monterey bay 48 gilroy, 65 salinas. this afternoon our last hot afternoon, cooling trend tomorrow, each day up until tuesday tuesday best chance of rain unsettled weather early next week.
6:51 am
asterisk is area where we could see a record high. mountain view 85. san mateo 82. mid 70s along the coast today to near 80 downtown south san francisco and sausalito napa and santa rosa 86 low to mid 70s at beaches oakland and hayward 82 and 83. concord 89 live more 91 monterey 78 watsonville 82 record highs possible upper 80s inland. southerly surge hits tomorrow clouds will hit the coast tomorrow morning and then move up the coast that sea breeze will kick in temperatures dropping 8 to 10° tomorrow total of 20° by tuesday with bet chance of rainfall is back in the air starting this weekend. unfortunately
6:52 am
about incline section partially blocking right lane on the right shoulder toll plaza bumper-to-bumper towards the macarthur maze, if you can carpool that's the way to go those lanes are getting by, no problem. san mateo bridge earlier accident before the toll long gone. the residual delays back to hesperian before the toll, slow towards foster city this bridge closed this weekend for seismic retrofiting next two weekends between 10 p.m. friday and 5 a.m. monday. to navigate around you want the dumbarton or 237 to the south and bay bridge to the north this weekend. right now back to the peninsula, north 101 earlier accident menlo park cleared out of lanes near willow very heavy it is improving now backed only towards the ampitheater parkway towards university avenue that. should be improving more. to get around these delays or download
6:53 am
this free app on your smartphone. ahead, five things to know before you go.
6:54 am
good morning. 6:54. if you look down there as we zoom in you will sycuan dell stick park it is 49ers day here on abc we will air the game tonight 9ers hosting the see how cans pregame and post-game shows as well and of course that $49,000 winner will be announced. right now 6:54. here are five things to know before you go: number one, petaluma police and chp asking for help finding a missing 15-year-old girl ruby cruz mendoza last seen getting into a car with a
6:55 am
man last night. >> number two, the observatory captured this video of a meteor shower over the bay area last night. many reported hearing a big boom around 7:30. one expert believes debris may have landed near martinez. >> number three, today san francisco police and supervisor are meeting with residents and business owner in the richmond district to warn against an ongoing scam targeting older asian victims. police say criminals have been preying on old superstitions to rob victims. number four, giants lincecum to the mound hoping to even up the series with the cardinals. last light the cardinals won in st. louis. >> number five, 12 1/2 hours remain to register to win $49,000. part of 49er game day right
6:56 am
here on abc7. you can still enter through our facebook page. click the win $49,000 button. if you are lucky enough to be at the stick tonight in is the weather going to be like? you saw spencer peeking from the umbrella good morning. doppler quiet now we still have a high fire danger red flag warning in higher elevations. until 8:00. today low to mid 70s total sunshine at the coast upper 70s to mid 80s around the bay, mid 80s to low 90s inland mid 70s dropping into the mid 60s at the stick. bay bridge backed into the macarthur maze reports of accident incline section right lane right shoulder involved.
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